LOS ANGELES COUNTY – A graffiti enforcement program that will allow for a civil process in addition to the existing criminal procedure was approved today and becomes effective September 18.
The new ordinance allows the county to declare itself a “graffiti victim” and recover costs for graffiti abatement – including enforcement, removal and damages.
The County can recoup unpaid costs through liens or special assessments against the property of the graffiti offender or guardian of offending minor.
The cost of graffiti abatement has been re-assessed to reflect the true cost to taxpayers for removal, repair or replacement of defaced property to $522; and $665 for enforcement per incident in County areas.
Adult graffiti offenders are subject to a civil citation issued by the Sheriff, and administered through the County’s Ombudsman for fines up to $1,000.
The new Ordinance expands Molina’s graffiti enforcement program which resulted in 168 arrests and confiscation of weapons, drugs and graffiti tools within a six month period this year.